Our advanced technology and dealership tools



AI Matching Engine

Arguably Drive IQ’s strongest feature, the inbuilt credit decisioning engine evaluates customer application data against products from 60+ lenders to present possible options.  

The Drive IQ matching engine matches lenders with applicants using over 40 independent data points. Key matching points include personal identity information, applicant business and financial data, credit bureau data, vehicle data and lender eligibility criteria.

Rigorous and detailed, the matching engine serves vetted lending options built to support automated decisioning and fast outcomes.


License Scanning (OCR)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables instant collection of personal identification data directly from a source document.


Built into the Drive IQ application user journey, OCR technology is used to allow applicants to simply upload an existing image of the drivers licence or trigger the mobile phone camera to capture an image. The image is read and personal identification data applied to the customer application.



3rd Party Integration

We pride ourselves on creating greater efficiency at every step of the car buying journey.


Dealers can serve finance offers against individual stock items with DMS integration. Two-way APIs push and pull data between the two systems, providing transparency on every deal. Customers can instigate finance directly against a stock item online, or dealers can refer opportunities with a single click. 


Drive IQ connects to Equifax Data Bureau to retrieve customer credit data and Glasses Guide to verify vehicle data. Our API with Illion BankStatements enables system users to quickly retrieve customer expenses including a detailed breakdown of monthly living expenses to help meet responsible lending obligations.

D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Real Time Performance Dashboard

The Drive IQ dashboard is your single source of truth. Displaying every metric you need to manage the business’ asset finance performance, the dashboard reports in real time to enable you make informed decisions. 

For your team, their nter and track opportunities, view commissions and see status updates in real time.

D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Servicing and Affordability Calculator

Drive IQ has been built with servicing calculations embedded within the application flow. Compatible with lender assessment criteria, the system also factors HEM to determine affordability.

D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Team and Multi-site

With iframe functionality, the system’s matching engine can also be easily integrated with your website to capture leads 24/7. All data captured pushes directly into your worklist for you to follow up.


D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Unlimited Reporting Analytics

Supplementing the live dashboard metrics, Drive IQ enables users to generate reports to interrogate all opportunities and applications recorded. 

D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Instant Customer Qualification

Using the same information collected for a test drive agreement, customers are profiled and qualified in less than a minute.

D E A L E R S H I P  T O O L S

Real Time Customer Quoting

Drive IQ created Australia’s first smart car loan matching technology. The matching engine runs mature algorithms to assess over 40 customer data points against live credit policy and return accurate loan repayments. In real time, the platform allows system users to modify the structure, term and balloon payments to find a loan suitable for each customer.

Over 9,000 users are boosting productivity and creating income with Drive IQ.