NCCP Compliance

DriveIQ users and responsible managers can feel assured that their NCCP compliance requirements are being met through smart integrations and validations.


DriveIQ enables users to send Credit Quote and Credit Guide direct to the client for e-signing, and smart generation of fact find, credit proposal and preliminary assessment documents that are all time and date stamped and verified by the user are all stored within the system.


Collection of customer requirements and objectives is integrated into our consumer application process and deals cannot progress to submission until data fields are captured and compliance documents are held. Overlaying these stringent system designs is a detailed event log for every deal enabling in system audit.

Privacy & Credit Reporting

Privacy documents are stored in the DriveIQ system and can be emailed directly to the customer for e-signing. Credit bureau reports are available for request with smart design ensuring these cannot be requested without a signed privacy and customer information including drivers licence or identification.

Bank Statement

DriveIQ enables bank statements to be collected across 3,6 or 12 month periods. Statement data is available to verify the client's expenses and income.

Digital AML & KYC Screening

DriveIQ users have the ability to capture traditional drivers licence and physical verification methods with data storage in the IQ system against the client. Over and above this the user has access to a digital customer verification process to satisfy their AML / KYC requirements for verifications that are not in person.

Over 9,000 users are boosting productivity and creating income with Drive IQ.